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10/27/2011 - B&B return to television with season 8!


When Beavis and Butthead originally aired on MTV in 1993 to 1997, I was a big fan and I always regretted not buying the trading cards when they first appeared in stores. After getting back into card trading in 2004 when Topps released the first of several new series of Wacky Packages, I decided to see if I could obtain a complete Beavis and Butthead card set.

After searching the web for detailed information about the Beavis and Butthead trading cards, I came up mostly empty handed; I was unable to find any authoratative source of information on these cards. I did find bits and pieces in various places, but most of the information I found was from auctions or online sales of these cards.

After finally starting a collection of B & B trading cards, I began creating this page to share the information I was gathering with the hope of helping other people who were seeking a single source for this information. I aim to make this the most complete online collection of information on these cards.
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Fleer cards (USA)
- General description
- Scratch and sniff chase cards
- Card numbering scheme
- Checklist
- Errors and variations
- Packaging and availability
- Promotional items
- Confusion with other sets
Topps cards (UK)
Differences between Topps and Fleer sets

long grouping of cards

Beavis and Butthead Fleer cards from USA

General description

Fleer Fleer produced a set of 150 Beavis and Butthead cards in 1994. The front of each card contains an image from the footage of an original B & B TV episode and includes a card name printed in gold. The front image fills the entire card and there is no border. The cards are grouped in order loosely based on themes such as other characters from the show, tattoos, B & B dressed as different characters or people, etc.

The back of each card contains the card's number and uses one of several different graphic layout designs. The back of each card also has assorted rambling text in the style of B & B, and the text generally relates to the image on the front.

Scratch and sniff cards

There are 10 scratch and sniff chase cards. These cards are copies of selected cards from the main set, however each contains a small area that releases a fragrance when scratched or rubbed. The backs of these cards use a different graphic design from the main set and contain smell-related commentary from B & B. The smells are cataloged in this table:

Card # Card title Image on cardDescription of smell
0690 Buff 'n' Stuff Bare chests, shower in backgroundstale cheese/smoke
0691 Citizen Butt-Head (Part I)Standing in cafeteria line in front of tacostacos/herbs/garlic/tomato
0692 Beavis and Butt-head Clean House Butthead talking on phone, standing in kitchen pine
0693 Our Offices Two bathroom stallssulpher
0694 Drive In II Drive in theater, sitting on grounddirt/smoke/chocolate
0695 Born to Hog WildSitting on back of motorcycle grease/smoke
0696 Chicks in Glasses Are CoolButthead dressed as a woman, sitting in cup smoke/sulpher
0697 Chemicals Are Cool Young B and B playing with chemistry setburning plastic
0698 Sometimes Art Doesn't SuckButthead posing with grapes in front of his groin area grape
0699 Friday Night Hot dogs on a convenience store hot dog warmersmoke/herbs

Card numbering scheme

The cards' numbering system is based around the number "69". heh. heh...

- The first 100 cards are numbered 0069 to 9969.

- The next 50 cards are numbered 6901 to 6950.

- The 10 scratch and sniff cards are numbered 0690 to 0699.

There doesn't appear to be any difference in the cards between the first 100 and the next 50. I believe that the designers simply wanted to get the number 69 into each card number and this was one way to do it.


There is one checklist card in the set known as the "Chick list". Both sides of the card are used to list all 150 cards in the set, but it does not list the scratch and sniff cards. Here is the front and back of the chick list:

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

random card

No.    Title

0069   Beavis and Butt-head Clean House
0169   Scared Straight
0269   Citizen Butt-head (Part I)
0369   Tornado
0469   Naked Colony
0569   Kidnapped! (Part I)
0669   Kidnapped! (Part II)
0769   Citizen Butt-head (Part II)
0869   Lotto
0969   Politically Correct
1069   Beavis and Butt-head Meet God
1169   Butt 'n' Stuff
1269   Eating Contest
1369   Drive'In or Beware of the Butt
1469   Incognito
1569   Beavis and Butt-head Try Yogurt
1669   Friday Night
1769   Good Credit
1869   Home Improvement (Part I)
1969   Heroes
2069   Go Petitioning
2169   No Laughing (Part I)
2269   No Laughing (Part II)
2369   Balloon
2469   Customers Suck
2569   Couch Fishing
2669   Sugar Baby
2769   Way Down Mexico Way (Part I)
2869   Door to Door
2969   Way Down Mexico Way (Part II)
3069   Sideshow
3169   Be All You Can Be
3269   Burger World
3369   Stew
3469   Give Blood
3569   Science
3669   Drive In II
3769   Home Improvement II
3869   Haiku
3969   Bedpans and Broomsticks
4069   Sick
4169   The Trial
4269   Difficulty Urinating
4369   Ball Breakers
4469   Sperm Bank
4569   Canoe
4669   Closing Time
4769   Plate Frisbee
4869   Young, Gifted, and Crude
4969   The Crush
5069   True Crime
5169   Foreign Exchange
5269   Wall of Youth
5369   Cow Tipping
5469   Most Wanted
5569   Comedians
5669   Meet God (Part II)
5769   Washin' the Dog
5869   Badass Dudes
5969   Sporting Goods
6069   Car Wash
6169   The Butt-head Experience
6269   Peace and Love Suck
6369   Little Red Robin Hood
6469   Chicks in Glasses Are Cool
6569   Love My Timber
6669   Rambutt
6769   Like, History Dudes
6869   Operation Desert Suck
6969   Prehistoric Times B.C.
7069   Yamahas
7169   Rushins
7269   Sometimes Art Doesn't Suck
7369   Trailer Ladies
7469   People Were Stupid in Olden Times
7569   Masturmony
7669   The Wizard of ozzy
7769   Punks
7869   Andudes
7969   Farm Dudes
8069   Home Sweet Cave
8169   Fairos, Huh Huh
8269   Lolita and Tanquera
8369   Steward Stevenson
8469   Jail Guy
8569   President Uh, Clint
8669   Principal McVicker
8769   Mr. Buzzcut
8869   Todd
8969   Tanya the Gifted Teacher
9069   Mr. Van Driessen
9169   Cashier
9269   Stewart's Dad
9369   Daria Morgendorffer
9469   Gina
9569   Tom Anderson
9669   Stewart's Mom
9769   Todd's Gang
9869   The Grizzly
9969   Gorilla Dude
6901   Mistress Cora Anthrax
6902   Freak Chicks Rule
6903   This Rocks!
6904   Frogs Get Me, Like, Hot
6905   Senior Cinnamons
6906   The End Is Near, Beavis. Huh Huh huh
6907   I'm, Uh, Butt-head
6908   I'm, Like, Beavis
6909   Welcome to the Jungle
6910   Air Guitar
6911   Frog Baseball
6912   Thinking Doesn't Suck
6913   Male Men
6914   Our Offices
6915   Christmas
6916   Crapid
6917   Lepercans
6918   Jackyl Anthems
6919   Spanking the Turkey, Heh Heh
6920   Birthday
6921   Mary Had a Dah Dant Dah!
6922   pest Wishes
6923   Infence
6924   Beavis the Motorhead
6925   Chemicals Are Cool
6926   Dolls Suck
6927   You gonna buy that?
6928   Let's all get naked
6929   The 70s sucked
6930   At the Turbo Mall
6931   Welcome to prison
6932   I Hate, Like, Homework or Something
6933   Beavis's Butt
6934   Chicks Like Us
6935   Born to Hog Wild
6936   Snot Bad
6937   Beavis Pumps Himself, Huh Huh
6938   Secret Cervix
6939   Gropies
6940   Hellocinations
6941   French Flies
6942   Mouse Burger
6943   Raw Incondiments
6944   Men at Work or Something
6945   Tattoos Rule
6946   Life Sucks
6947   Have a Nice Day
6948   Biker
6949   Shark
6950   Chick List

Scratch and sniff cards

0690 of 10   Buff 'n' Stuff
0691 of 10   Citizen Butt-Head (Part I)
0692 of 10   Beavis and Butt-head Clean House
0693 of 10   Our Offices
0694 of 10   Drive In II
0695 of 10   Born to Hog Wild
0696 of 10   Chicks in Glasses Are Cool
0697 of 10   Chemicals Are Cool
0698 of 10   Sometimes Art Doesn't Suck
0699 of 10   Friday Night
Errors and variations

At this time, I know of no errors or varations in the Fleer cards. I am not saying that some errors or variations don't exist, but I haven't been sharp enough to spot them yet. There is an error in the Topps set: The checklist omits one card that does indeed exist. Jump down to Differences between Topps and Fleer sets for more information.

Errors would typically include missing graphics on a card or cards. A variation would typically be a card that was seen in two different versions such one eith a copyright and one without a copyright.

Packaging and availability

Each box is wrapped in clear shrink wrap from the factory. The shrink wrap is marked with the Fleer logo in blue which is repeated over the whole span of the plastic as seen here:

Beavis and Butthead trading cards, sealed box of 36 packs, Fleer USA   photo of box

photo of box with packs

The front of the box is marked "ITEM 273 - 36 CT. - '94 Fleer Ultra (TM) - 1994 Inogural Edition". The rear of the box has UPC 0-41199-01273-3 and is marked "Item #8851". There is assorted copyright and production information. The inside of the box has a crude stamped number "1150506". Here are two views of the box flattened, rear and front:

empty box, flat empty box, flat, rear view

Each box contains 36 packs and there are 4 different pack wrappers, shown here:

pack pack
pack pack

This image shows the back side of the pack. All four packs have the same backside and UPC which is 0-41199-00273-4:

pack, backside

Each pack contains 10 cards, which makes a total of 360 cards per box. Some packs contains a scratch and sniff card. From a sealed box, I was able to get a complete set of 150? base cards and a nearly complete second set of base cards. From this same box, I got 70% of the scratch and sniff cards which translates into odds of 1 in 36 (1:36). Note that these odds are based purely on a sample size of one box.

Promotional items

The most common promotional item for this card series is a 7.5" x 10.5" sheet featuring 9 "cards". The center card is unique and the other 8 are cards from the main card set. This promo sheet was released in two different ways. The first version was attached inside an issue of Previews Magazine. Previews Magazine is a magazine dedicated to, "Comics, games, trading cards, and more."

The promo sheet was also released as an unattached card which was given out at the 1994 Sports Cards Collector's Convention.

The promotional sheet itself is made of cardstock that feels similar in thickness to standard trading cards, and is printed on one side with nine trading "cards" which are reprints of these numbers from the set: 5769, 8069, 6909, 6907, 6908, 5969, 5869, and 6069. The center card is unique and is labeled as "1994 First Inogural Edition". The rear of the sheet contains a full-sheet graphic that appears to be a variant of card 6169 and has promotional text aimed at card and comic dealers.

These images show the front of the sheet, the rear of the sheet, and a close-up of the center "card" which is not part of the standard set of cards:

dealer promo sheet dealer promo sheet, rear

dealer promo sheet, center card detail

The other promotional item for this card series is a clear plastic "cell" card which may have been originally sold at the Chicago Comic Convention. This card is not a true cell in that it is not from the original source material of a B and B episode nor is it the right size. The areas appearing white in the below image are actually totally transparent.

promo cell card

Confusion with other sets

There are other Beavis and Butthead trading cards in existence that are not associated with the Fleer 1994 set. Occasionally, online auctions will promote B & B trading cards without making it clear which series the cards are from.

The most common B & B cards outside of the set appear to be from a series of cards entitled "MTV Animation" produced by MTV Networks and Fleer Corporation in 1995. The MTV Animation set contains cards relating to popular animated MTV shows such as The Maxx, The Head, and B & B. This image shows some of the set:

MTV Animation card series MTV Animation card series, packs

Also part of this series is a collection of hologram cards, some of which contain B & B material:

hologram cards

There is a Fleer 1995 9-card promotional sheet for the MTV Animation card series and it contains two B & B cards. It was originally available in both perforated and non-perforated styles:

MTV Animation, promo sheet

long grouping of cards

Beavis and Butthead Topps cards from the UK

Topps produced a set of these cards in the Republic of Ireland in 1994. The box contained 48 packs with 6 cards per pack and was marked as, "Republic of Ireland, Ireland Ltd. Ballincollig, Cork 1994."

Beavis and Butthead trading cards, sealed box of 48 packs, Topps Ireland

The packs for this series have slightly smaller graphics than the Fleer counterparts, but otherwise the fronts are identical. This image shows all four Ireland packs:

4 packs

The back sides of the packs differ slightly from the other version. In particular, they contain two interesting elements; a "Der Grune Punkt" logo and a crudely stamed "MER" stamp. They also contain Topps copyright information instead of the Fleer information found on the USA set.

packs, rear

4 packs  4 packs

I have no idea what the MER stamp means. The Der Grune Punkt logo is detailed here on Wikipedia.

Topps Album

A kind soul emailed me recently and sent photos of a card album that was produced to accompany this set. Here are three images showing the front, back, and inside of the album:

Album front  Album rear

Album inside

Differences between Topps and Fleer sets

There are several differences between the Topps (UK) and Fleer (USA) sets:

- The packaging is different. This is detailed in the above section Topps cards (UK)

- The Topps cards feature a burgundy border around each card, on both sides. Because of the border, the artwork featured on each card is slightly smaller than the Fleer version. The one element that is not smaller on the Topps cards is the copyright information; this is the same size on both the Topps and Fleer cards.

card comparison, fronts

card comparison, backs

- The Topps cards' titles are presented in yellow as opposed to the gold text on the Fleer cards. The yellow text is easier to read in my opinion. The checklist card in the Topps set replaces the gold text with a pink/tan color text.

- The Topps set does not include scratch and sniff cards.

- The Fleer cards include a "94 Fleer Ultra" logo on the back of each card. The Topps set replaces this with an MTV logo. On the checklist card in the Topps set, Fleer Ultra logo is omitted and there is no other logo in its place.

- The boxes are different in several ways: The Topps box was oriented horizontally and contained 48 packs with 6 cards per pack. The Fleer box was oriented vertically and contained 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. While the graphic theme to each box is the same, the details are different.

- The Topps cards have some inconsistency in color quality amongst themselves, and they also do not always match the color of the Fleer cards. The Fleer cards are very consistent in color. These issues are likely explained by the means used to print the cards.

- 16 cards found in the Fleer set were omitted from the Topps set, and this is reflected in the Fleer checklist card with TWO exceptions. The cards not included in the Topps set are:

          No.    Title

          0569   Kidnapped! (Part I)
          0669   Kidnapped! (Part II)
          0769   Citizen Butthead (Part II)
          1769   Good Credit
          2169   No Laughing (Part I)
          2269   No Laughing (Part II)
          2369   Balloon
          2769   Way Down Mexico Way (Part I)
          4769   Plate Frisbee
          6169   The Butt-head Experience
          6910   Air Guitar
          6911   Frog Baseball
          6919   Spanking the Turkey, Heh Heh
	  6934   Chicks Like Us
          6938   Secret Cervix
          6947   Have a Nice Day
Exception 1: The checklist omits the above cards and card number 7769 'Punks'. The set does include card 7769, however, which means the checklist contains an error. Many thanks to Joey Altherr at Atherr Web Design for pointing this out because I never noticed this. Here are the scans of this card:

Card 7769 front  Card 7769 rear

Exception 2: Topps card number 6934 'Chicks Like Us' is included on both the Fleer and Topps checklists, but does not exist as a card in the Topps (purple border) set. A kind person from New Zealand finally made me realize this fact. If you look around Google and Google Groups, you will see a noticeable number of people who are looking for this card. Even in my own collection, I held a place open for this card and still ahve a small piece of paper in the page reserving a spot for it. The difficulty here is that it is tough to prove that something doesn't exist. I've had people email me over the years that this is the only card they're missing even after opening many, many packs. Again, if you do have this card in the Topps (purple border) set, then please let me know. No photoshopped images, please.

I can only speculate on the reasons about why some cards were ommitted. I suspect that some of them are due to regional differences:

1) The UK does not have the same geographic and culural connections to Mexico as the US does. Curiously, the Topps set omits card number 2769 "Way Down Mexico Way (Part I)", but not Part II.

2) It may have been that the episode "Frog Baseball" did not air in the UK; it was the 40 second pilot episode from 1992, but was not rerun in the US due to controversy.

3) The card "Secret Cervix" refers to the term "Secret Service" which is a United States federal government law enforcement agency.

In my experience collecting Wacky Packages cards, I know that it's not unheard for various errors to happen when cards are printed. One typical error is a difference between a checklist and the actual cards. Also all kinds of things can happen when the artwork is laid out to be printed, so the missing cards in the Topps set could be related to how they were physically set out on the full sheets that were printed; Perhaps the number of cards had to be reduced to make things work for the particular print run. We will probably never know.


I have observed the following prices in both online auctions and sales. Please note that these prices do not include tax or shipping and that these prices are taken from a fairly small sampling of items. All pices are US dollars.

Prices from November 2006:

Item Min. price Max. price
Fleer, USA    
36 pack box (360 cards) $35.00 $65.00
Base set, 150 cards $6.00 $6.00
Single pack $0.25 $1.25
Single card $0.01 $0.25
Single scratch and sniff card $2.50 $2.99
Promo sheet, perforated $1.50 $2.99
Promo sheet $.30 $2.99
Cell card $.99 $6.99
Topps, UK    
48 pack box (288 cards) $39.99 $39.99
Single pack $.15 $.79
Single card $.03 $.07

This table represents prices for the Fleer set as listed in the December 2007-January 2007 issue of Non-Sport Update magazine:

Item price
Base set, 150 cards $20.00
Scratch and sniff set, 10 cards $35.00
Unopened box $40.00
9 card promo panel $3.50

long grouping of cards


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long grouping of cards

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